Buy or sell a winery, real estate investment in France

Our expertise An experience of the wine business

With the core business of selling wine estates, AMPELIO serves all projects related to the highlights of the wine-growing operation :

  • Anticipation of a transfer of ownership,
  • Financial restructuring of an area,
  • Consulting on a proposed acquisition or takeover,
  • Analysis of an investment only land with the establishment of operators,
  • Optimization of marketing in place,
  • Development of marketing plans

And many other topics that we will develop according to your needs and your project.

We animate all the stages of the life of a vineyard by proposing concrete measures to cross them serenely: purchase, commercial development, technical diagnosis, study of the transmission, financial arrangement, sale.

Through our networks and through our experience, we are also the initiators of projects related to investment in viticulture– by bringing together people with a complementary or common approach.

Our vision is that of the long term and we participate in the economic optimization of viticultural projects on the Loire Valley and in France. Our ambition is to become the benchmark actor in an ever-changing industry.


Our approach has enabled the realization of several transactions on the Val de Loire in general and our methodology is now recognized.

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