Ampelio - Expertise et accompagnement

Ampelio’s vocation is to support and advise buyers and sellers in the acquisition or sale of wine estates.

Our job is to bring the parties together by finding the ideal match between a buyer and a property for sale, with the aim of ensuring the long-term future of the wine estates in the Loire Valley.

We guide you at every stage, from the search (for buyers) or the valuation (for sellers) to the final takeover and the complete installation of the new buyers.

Ampelio is the privileged partner who links each actor (sellers, buyers, financial accountants, notaries, lawyers, etc.) in the handover process so that everyone agrees on the successful completion of the project.

Accompanying the sellers

Selling your wine estate means handing over a history, a team, a range of wines and experience.

We are concerned about the future perspectives of your business and its durability, so we carry out an appointment and a detailed visit of the estate in order to listen to you and to understand your decision to sell your business.

The sale of a wine property extends far beyond the transfer of land assets. We carry out a complete and thorough valuation of your estate to establish a fair value for the future buyer.

We rely on several elements:

Land: appellations, age of vines, plantations, terroirs, etc.

Legal: structuration, owners, rural leases, shareholders, etc.

Human: division of tasks, number of employees, roles of current partners, etc.

Commercial: breakdown of turnover with distribution channels and target markets, existence or not of commercial contracts, etc.

We compile all the information in a document that gathers all our analysis.

This study makes it possible to give a value to the wine estate and also to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the estate in its context and environment. This analysis allows us to discern the levers that could favour the transfer of the estate.

A complete presentation file is then presented to the candidate buyers after a non-disclosure agreement signed.

Throughout the sale period, we are the main contact for our sellers and we accompany them until the final signature.

Accompanying buyers

Buying a wine estate means relying on existing resources while having a vision of the wine business of the future.

We take time to listen to your project, in order to better understand your research.

We accompany all profiles, whether you are changing careers or professionals in the sector or investors. And we propose wine estates adapted to your project.

We advise you in your questioning and in the development of your project. We also put you in touch with experts according to your needs (legal structuring, tax study, forecast, etc.).

At each wine property visit, we take several hours with you to show and explain the pros and cons of the property.

We do our best to ensure that an agreement is reached between sellers and buyers so that the objectives of each side can be achieved in a serene and sustainable manner.

Based on our experience and a strong local presence in the Loire Valley, we bring about the right meetings to make your ambitions a reality.

The accompaniment continues until the complete installation in the new wine estate.

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Based in Savennières (F-49170), our approach has enabled the realization of several transactions on the Val de Loire and our methodology is now recognized

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