Consultancy investors

A personalized support in your purchase project

Whatever the step of your project, it is fundamental to define specification in order to give you a better and complete assistance.

A turnkey approach

We assist our clients and investors on an operational way in order to evaluate the issues and with the objective to realise their project.

Your project is purchase a vineyard property and to produce your own wines while leaving the management to professionals.

Your project is the result of passion, you plan to become a winemaker and you need assistance.

You already manage a wine company , you plan to extend your estate or diversify your range for bigger market distribution.

  • 1- Analysis of your needs

    1- Analysis of your needs

    We work together on your project requirements, specification definition, purchasing strategy.

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  • 2- Selection of wine properties

    2- Selection of wine properties

    We pay attention to your requests, we select targeted wine properties, we together visit and debrief.

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  • 3- Economic study

    3- Economic study

    Financial analysis, commercial business plan, provisional draft budget.

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  • 4- Negociation and purchase

    4- Negociation and purchase

    Proposition of a detailed offer, assistance to negociation, purchase process.

  • 5- Follow-up and support

    5- Follow-up and support

    Activity transfer support, business plan analisis follow-up, consultancy sepcific mission.

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