Who are we ?

We offer concrete solutions to support, in their requests, sellers and buyers of wineries and wine estate.

AMPELIO is the Italian form of Greek Αμπελιος which means “from the vine”. True to our origins we place at the heart of our attention the vineyard and the men who transmit it through time.

As part of a global investment in the vineyard, we provide support at every stage of the assembly of a viticultural project. If necessary, we are able to work together with independent experts (technical, legal, patrimonial, etc.) to carry out the request of our clients.

We propose concrete solutions to accompany, in their requests, the sellers and buyers of wine estates.

See our expertises
  • Managing partner

    Marine Boudignon

    As a partner at AMPELIO since 2011, expert in the wine real estate transmission, I supervise all steps of selling or purchasing projects.

    My approach is either economic (how to improve the profitability), marketing (rationalizing a range) or global according to the project.
    I also take into consideration the affective dimension of this unique moment in the life of the sellers, and helping the future purchasers to select a property that suits to the investor’s personality and its objectives.

  • Collaborator

    Astrid Burlot

    I’m your first point of contact, whether you’re a seller or a buyer. I particularly appreciate being at the service of your projects, and support you throughout the transmission process.


    Finally, it’s a pleasure to keep you informed, as I’m in charge of all communication media.